Green Gradient

Working with clients within the

Creating visual stories for your scientific needs. Each project catered to every client, creating unique and individual visualizations.


A quick and easy way to showcase your needs. High-quality illustrations can help you stand out from competitors and help give the perfect delivery to your catered audience.  

Medical Illustrations
& diagrams 


Scientific Figures

Support your discoveries with clear and precise figures that help explain your research. From cellular processes to pathological diagrams, anything can be visualized to accompany your publication and make your paper memorable.

Help inform and remind patients of the proper ways to self-care and educate them on oncoming surgeries or procedures. Clear and comforting visuals can help ease the anxiety of patients and support doctors and physicians in educating.



Educational Diagrams

Get clear and easy-to-learn educational diagrams catered to teach your specific audience. I illustrate any subject to support your educational materials or platform.

mock text.jpg
p2 mockuphijk.jpg

Infographic design  

Infographics and informational design are a great way to compact information in an easy-to-follow explanatory way. With engaging layouts and creative design to make a memorable impression on your audiance.

Photorealistic Magazine MockUp copy.jpg

Editorial Design

Add a fun and appealing spread or page design to attract your readers and engage them in your publication.