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As a Biomedical illustrator, I use my scientific knowledge and visual communication skills to create attention-grabbing content for the scientific community.
I am here to support you with your ideas and collaborate together to visually create the story you imagined. 
Learn my process and what it takes to complete a project together!


Let's find out what we can create together!

Some common projects:

  • Medical Illustrations  

  • Editorial/journal illustrations

  • Mechanisms of action (MOA)

  • Patient/medical education

  • Surgical Illustration 

  • Infographic design

  • Instructional aids

  • Medical procedures

  • Medical devices

  • Social media/website content

  • Pitch deck design

  • Business presentation/brochure/slides

  • E-learning design


It all starts with your ideas and the story you want to tell to your audience. Reach out with any inquiry or questions and we can discuss how I can help you in visualizing your science. We can further discuss details in the timeline, budget, and requirements.



If we find that we are a good fit for your project then let's start creating! We will further discuss your needs and specifications. I will write a proposal detailing the scope of the project and all the elements that I will contribute and the timeline. Once reviewed and approved by you, we can quickly get started!



I start by researching and further expanding my knowledge on your subject through any material you provide or that I find. Its important to get the science right from the beginning to insure smooth project development.



Once I have a good understanding of your subject, your needs, and your target audience, I start developing sketches and ideas to create engaging creative visuals and develop your story. 



Throughout the creative process maintaining communication is important to make sure our ideas and goals are aligned. I look to you for your feedback and suggestions on how I can further meet your needs. 



Once the project is completed, I deliver you the final visualization in your desired format. And I hope we can work together again! 

Pricing & timing

Unfortunately, I am not able to give any exact pre-made pricing as there are many factors that can affect the price of your illustration. Pricing is specific to you and your project. In order for me to provide a quote for your specific project, reach out, explain your needs and requirements, and I can give you a free estimate on your project!

As for timing, this is strongly dependent on your deadline and other factors of the project. It can take between 1 week to a few months depending on the media type and format. From the beginning, I work with you to determine if your deadline is feasible and/or when I can deliver to you.

Some determining factors: 

  • Complexity  ​​
    How complex your project is determined by how many elements or scenes are in the illustration/media or the amounts of subjects/number of steps in the process.

  • Art Medium
    The technique used to create and view the art whether it be traditionally hand-drawn, digitally made, animated, or 3D. 


  • Revision process
    How many revisions there are during the development of the project and the time it takes to receive your feedback. 

  • Licensing 
    The type of licensing and uses you choose for your project (see below).

Copyrights and licensing 

Understanding what licensing you need to display your new custom illustration is important and a determining factor in the final price. I as the artist use my education, skills, experience, and labor to bring an idea to life, creating a tangible product ready to use. Where this product is used and how you want to use it depends on what best fits your needs and circumstances. Each license varies in price depending on how much exclusivity and use you require. Licensing and the different types can be difficult to understand but here is a comprehensive list of the types I offer.  

Some types of uses:

  • Internal company use 

  • Publishing 

  • Web/app

  • Marketing/media

  • Video 

Non-exclusive licensing rights

Rights to use visuals for your desired purpose. However, I retain all copyrights including, but not limited to, the exclusive right to make copies, prepare derivative works, sell or distribute copies, and display the work publicly.


  • Single-use licensing

    • Can be used for only one​ purpose 

  • Multiple-use Licensing 

    • Usage rights for various needs​

  • Additional add-on licensing

    • Additional usage rights for other purposes different from what was originally agreed upon (can be added on in the future).

  • All rights licensing 

    • Rights to use the product for any and all purposes. ​

Exclusive licensing rights

Rights to use visuals for your desired purpose and you have some exclusive rights depending on your chosen license and time frame chosen for use (lifetime or # of years). I retain copyrights and authorship for self-promotional purposes (website, portfolio, and social media) and other copyrights depending on the license chosen and time frame. 


  • Exclusive to industry licensing

    • You have exclusive use for your industry and I will not distribute, copy, or sell to any competitors in your industry.

  • All rights licensing 

    • Rights to use the product for any and all purposes .​

Let's Work Together

I'm excited to hear your ideas and can't wait to help you visualize them. No project is too small and no idea is impossible to imagine. 
Reach out and let's work together!

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