My name is Catherine Labarca and I am a scientific/medical illustrator. I want to create creative and engaging visuals to help educate and entice your audience to learn about your story. I am dedicated to understanding your science and to develop unique and custom visuals that will reach every individual.

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My Story

 Science and medicine have influenced my art from my first interest in painting the human body at 15 years old to my first series of plastic surgery paintings at 17. 

         Pursuing my career as a Medical Illustrator, I completed my bachelor's at Virginia Commonwealth University, graduating with a bachelor's in Communication Arts with a concentration in Scientific and preparatory medical illustration and a minor in Biology. I learned and studied human anatomy, physiology, biology, genetics, and zoology which allows for easier communication with clients and helps me in providing scientifically accurate illustrations. I continued my education by completing my Masters's in Scientific Illustration in the Netherlands. Gaining experience in human and animal dissection, surgery observation, and client experience. 

         Being in Europe has enabled me to gain unique experiences, learning different techniques, and perspectives allowing me to be a well-rounded illustrator. With my education and experiences, I hope to continue to educate and incite curiosity through my visuals.

I strive to use my knowledge in science and visual communication to synthesize, interpret, and idealize difficult scientific concepts. Creating a clear and engaging visualization that reflects your story but also holds scientific accuracy.

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I'm always open to new and exciting projects. Let's connect and discuss how I can help visualize your ideas! 

New York/ Netherlands